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The very best of anti-Mono zealots

If forums did not exist, happily we would have blog comments for entertainment.

From Jo Shields’ insightful explanations:

“Mono is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches.”
“Mono serves no useful purpose to anyone other than Microsoft.”
“Fuck mono, parrot will probably end up replacing that piece of shit.”

From LHB’s link to the previous post:

“It shouldn't be a surprise to find out this crappy little blog was de Icaza's.”
“Mono is dead”

From Robert Millan’s uninformed accusations:

“It is sick and a slap in the face to the good people in Debian to tolerate such a psycho.”
“When also Miguel de lcaza stops getting checks from M$, even he will stop pushing Mono and get a life.”
“How much did Microsoft pay Joss for this? We know de Icaza is getting paid “bonuses” fro his work, so what was Joss’ paycheck?”
“I think Mono is an abomination”
“If this happen i will switch distro to slackware.”

From my previous blog entry:

“Hey whats your salery for this -Hey we all love Mono- Posting? Did Novell or Microsoft paid you?”
“Have you noticed that you are arguing from the same position as Microsoft is with Internet Explorer ?”
“An email client is not part of a Desktop.”
“These are *APPLICATIONS* and forcing me to install them is, to my mind, antithetical to the open source ideal.”
“The majority of the Debian userbase has no use for patent-encumbered microsoft-wannabe software.”
“Will somebody kick Joss a** already? Thank you.”
“ notice that you didn't contradict me, so we are in agreement that Tomboy, Fspot, and GnomeDo aren't cool.”
“I sincerely hope you drop any kind of linux and/or debian development ASAP.”
“honestly all those mono files horribly ending with .exe on Linux sucks”
“Evolution serves no useful purpose in today's world”
“As an aside, I still write programs for Messy Doss.”
“Hey, before you start packaging up software where you have no idea whatsoever why people have an issue with it […]”
“That last bit about you watching anime instead of working on that project because some journalist hurt your feelings is a concern for me. I wasn't aware children had leadership roles in Debian's future...”
“You don't know nor belong the free software movement. You should go and ask for a job at Microsoft! (lame botas de Microsoft!)”

From OSnews’ surprisingly neutral explanations about what is happening in Debian:

“And gnuplot is neither GNU nor OpenSource.”
“GNote is not a Tomboy ripoff.”
“I swear people like you are just sitting in a call center in india getting paid by microsoft to post lame anti-anti-mono crap. ”
“Or are you just copying and pasting rebuttals from a spreadsheet put together by MS's marketing/psychology department?”
“You can't just remove mono and the associated apps as this will cause problems when doing updates due to a meta package being missing.”

And of course, Boycott Novell’s troll of the day is a recommended reading for anyone wanting to get a share of fun.

And there are now some in this very blog entry! We’re going into a loop!

“After this, I do really hope they kick you out of Debian.”
“have you guys kicked out Kurt Roeckx for crippling OpenSSL? I heard he got a nice job offer from the NSA over that.”

UPDATE: we made Slashdot!

“It's just like Wine and DOSEmu: a gateway to viruses that originated on Microsoft platforms.”
“I see Microsoft having a field day with this...”
“But it's not just Microsoft's products that bloat Debian.”
“Why are this guys, which I believe have their best of interests, trying to shove up our asses a lame excuse of a programming language that basically doesn't bring anything new but license agreements, EULAs, patents to a perfectly, usable environment?”
“I can code a Tomboy like app in Python in three days...”
“Because nobody fucking wants Mono on their system!”
“Get in bed with Microsoft and you have to be careful that you don't end up with a knife in your back and act accordingly.”
“He's just a pushy immature unmannered jerk who managed to slip something in early in the development cycle.”

Let me add to this a disclaimer: if the people who want me out of the Project – for re-adding a dependency into a metapackage – volunteer to contribute to Debian, and manage during 6 months to contribute together the same amount of work I am contributing currently in GNOME packaging, I’ll happily leave the project.

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