np237 (np237) wrote,

No world record today

Instead of trying to set a world record in the “most stupid world record ever” category, finally bringing software development to the same level as sausages, you can do something useful for your computer: download the latest epiphany package in unstable. Thanks to glandium’s work, it fixes two notable regressions introduced by gecko 1.9, including the removal of the incredibly unusable certificate error page, also known as I want to be as cryptic as IE.

As a side note, after spending a whole sunday trying to fix #393837, without anything remotely looking like success, I’m very happy that the Epiphany developers decided to abandon Gecko. Maybe we will finally have a browser that is usable without needing a herd of maniac cultists to fix a bug. Something they won’t do anyway – they’re too busy downloading the longest sausage in the world.


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