np237 (np237) wrote,

GNOME on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

Since today for kfreebsd-amd64, and probably tomorrow for kfreebsd-i386 too, the gnome metapackage is installable on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. In the end, this should hopefully give a fully functional desktop for these brand new architectures (to be included in the Squeeze release), with a few notable exceptions:

  • no power management support (DeviceKit-Power needs porting);
  • no roaming/wireless support (no support for libiw);
  • no Bluetooth support (insufficient support in the FreeBSD kernel);
  • no webcam support (no existing kernel API).

Apart from that, everything is supposed to work. So, if you want this to mean something, what we need now is some people to test the whole thing and find out if it actually does.

Do you feel like helping? Install Debian GNU/kFreeBSD on your favorite virtual machine, upgrade it to the latest sid version, and apt-get install gnome. For everything that’s not as enjoyable as it should be, report bugs.


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